Well done Puff and Flashheart

Good efforts lads, Flash for Hotwire, drum roll please…our first 41 trainee :slight_smile: and Puff getting the talented ROF SYN Squad interested into joining SOW. Pilots like Requiem have made such a contribution to flight sim training.

Cheers Swoop.

Must say there seems to be a warm fuzzy feeling over there on the SoW forums - seeing established, well-known squads like DangerDogz, Syndicate etc all want to get involved and take part.

I bet we could grab a load of new recruits in IL-2 BoS too if there was a similar SoW-type squadron/coop server running, with planned historical mission ‘events’ running every week.

Salute fellas.

Just give it some time Flashheart.

We’re all moaning on IL2 BOS forums more then any woman would :). But all that whining there seem to be directed in same direction as if it was organised. I am quite confident that good things are coming for BOS MP now that dedicated servers, mission builder and spring/summer maps are in place.

As for the SP/Coop part, i would not hold my breath. Seems to me only MP crowd will get their moneys worth with that game, but such is the case with Clod as well. Only old IL2 seem to be doing it right for every type of player. Sometimes I wish I could get over it’s outdated FM and graphics just for HL co-op play , but I can’t.

I think BOS/BOM multiplayer will improve a lot with time if we judge it by their and community work with ROF, and I am in no hurry since time and some other limitations prevented me from digging into it properly. Really love the FM of that game but need to work on my landings more, I lost considerably more planes on landings then in combat against not so bad AI :smiley: