Well done P/O Jonah

Congratulations to our newest P/O.

Jonah who after working in the Navy (in subs) for real, decided he needed to fly in the virtual blue.

Well its been a long road with all his busy schedule but you cracked on with it and hope you enjoyed the training.

It really is just the start.

Now I need a beer and I hope you’ll join us over at 19’s bar as we need a fresh tab :slight_smile:

Congratulations mate:banana:

Somebody mention drink:ani_beer:

Welcome among us Jonah.

Cheers mate :ani_beer:

(Me after all those beers )

Congratulations Jonah, Well deserved.

Bravo Jonah, well done mate

Congratulations Jonah Well deserved i hope the help i gave you help you get your wings.

Now i think you need to get me a drink :roflmao:

Grattis Jonah. Welcome to the club. :slight_smile:

Congrats Jonah! Welcome!:slight_smile:

What a great suprise. Many thanks to everyone who has helped me along what was a long and very enjoyable journey. It is great to fly with such a diverse and great group of friends. Special thanks to Swoop, Meako, Classic, Kris, Zulu and Joe90. Lots more practice ahead but I’m still loving it. Bar’s open chaps and my pockets are only so deep (shallow for an ex submariner)! See you in the bar!

P/O Jonah

Well done, Jonah, sounds like you had a good bunch with whom to train.

Well done Jonah. :slight_smile:


Grattis Jonah!

Congrats Jonah.

Did someone say free drinks :slight_smile:

Well done Jonah, another fine addition to EAF :cool:

And when needed, he can hopefully still operate his aircraft in case he goes under the surface. :roflmao:

Incoming telegram stop

Well done, congrats Pilot Officer Jonah! :holiday:


Congrats Jonah :banana::banana:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Congrats mate, sorry I’m not about to often to fly with you, but time will tell