Welcome to the new server!

As you can see we are now on a new domain, europeanaf.net. The forum is on it’s own subdomain, forum.europeanaf.net and the new website that Brigstock have designed can be found at www.europeanaf.net.

For the time beeing I have pointed the old adresses (www.europeanaf.org to www.europeanaf.net and www.europeanaf.org/forum to forum.europeanaf.net) to the new server (going via the old server) and with time the plan is to repoint part of the domain to the new server (some of it will remain on the old server). But if you want to go directly to the new server I suggest you update your bookmarks/favourites.


Great work Mikke and Brigstock



There is still some issues to be dealt with, but we will get to it with time.
If you run into any major issues please post a note about them here or in a PM or mail to me.

Known issues:

  • missing smilies
  • default style
  • cookies might be a issue, looking at it at the moment

…no W00t emoticon or other custom ones. We can’t live without dancing bananas :stuck_out_tongue:

Ty Mikke! Knowing the effort and the amount of work it took you to move the forum it’s really well appreciated!

They will be back in due time, I miss them too! :stuck_out_tongue:
I suspect we’re missing some (or all) attachments, will take a look when I have time.

Got there in the end.

Thanks Mikke

Getting an error when changing my Avatar, but the file did upload successfully. Not sure why the error, because it worked!

Maybe better to redirect to http://forum.europeanaf.net/forum.php as http://forum.europeanaf.net/ defaults to the activity page.

Good work :wink:

Very nice Mikke. S!
I guess without Briggs it wouldn’t have been possible. S!

Good new.
it seems much fast than the previous one

It is much faster.

While I am at it I want to direct everybody attention to the new frame and the subpages.
That is if you see clicked http://www.europeanaf.net/
I encurage you to look around. The Roster(aka Personell) section have been redesigned. So have a lot of the other pages.

A hand for Brigstock for his good work please


Really nice work Brigstock, Mikke and others who took part!

Looks very nice indeed! :slight_smile:

Good work guys, a lot faster for me as well

Well done Mikke. And finaly i can see my new avatar!!! Thx. :smiley:

Gooood job!

Thankyou guys, great work. Beers on me!

Looks great. Well done chaps and thanks for all your hard work. :slight_smile:


Wonderful work!!! Really cool!!!

I think the cookie settings for the board need looking at. I have to log in every time I visit the board. Also the mobile theme needs selecting on every page I visit.