Welcome EAF_Titan

Hi Titan it’s my pleasure to inform you that your request to join EAF has been accepted by the HQ!

You are now an Honorary member of EAF with all rights and responsibilities of normal pilots.

51 pilots enjoyed a lot flying with you!
You’ve proven a brave pilot, excellent mission maker and great teammate.

Here are EAF rules

it’s an honor to have you with us!

I’ll wait your decision if to join 79 or 51 squadron.


Welcome Titan!!! :sunglasses:

Welcome TITAN! I’t a pleasure to have you on EAF team! great mission maker and great person! cheers!:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Congrats Titan :+1: :grinning:
To celebrate, a Tennessee whiskey for me, without ice!!!:wink:

Benvenuto Robert!!!

Welcome to EAF!

Welcome Titan!

Thank you gentlemen for your kind words and welcoming hospitality!

It’s my honor and pleasure to serve and fly with EAF_51 Sq. After many years in IL-2 it is also wonderful to once again be reacquainted with 79 Sq! In years past, we enjoyed many great missions, experiences and friendships.

I also extend my compliments to the entire EAF Sq, Command and Members for your enduring history, dedication, education and principles within the WWII flight sim community. Thank you for the privilege to join in the ranks! I will do my best to advance those valued attributes.


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Welcome Titan. Look forward to flying with you!