As you may know website and forum have stayed for a long time on a temporary web addresses.
Mikke and me have bot worked to move them to a new hosting, but tech problems and life duties delayed it.
Now we are almost ready for the move.
In next hours / days (instructions need some time to propagate over the internet) i’ll proceed with the move.

will move from
to NO MORE WP ahead

forum will move from

i will try to set up a redirect from old addresses to new ones…
but just in case…
write down old and new addresses pls!



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Grazie Jimmi, Tack Mikke

Very good!!

Quindi l’account, verrà chiuso e dismesso, se ho capito bene!

I still plan to get the old forum running on my home server, but in the years since I stopped hosting it there it seems like Oracle have done their best to turn MySQL unusable. :frowning:
Maybe I’ll be able to get it running some rainy day during the vacation.

Once the move is completed it will be the end of our 8 years on Binero as a host (10 days to go until payment is due, I will cancel it just before). :slight_smile:

no negativo!
c’è sempre il programma di aggiornare il vecchio sito! semplicemente il forum era temporaneamente su un sotto dominio di e verrà rimesso al suo posto!


the website transfer is done!
i have just to point the new Ip and remove a redirect! hopefully today ( work permitting)
you can change your binero credentials if you need to!
then i’ll work on the forum move!

Ps be careful yesterday checking the old forum i got redirected to a website prompting me to install flash :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: so ther’s still malicious code in it…

Yes, I clean it out, but it keeps coming back. I didn’t have that problem when I hosted it myself as far as I can remember, but it might have been a newer weakness in vBulletin that came later. Very annoying anyway, seems I can’t stop it either. :frowning:

after 48 hours of chat with tech support and browser refresh paranoia it seems migration is complete!

pls let me know if you encounter any problem!

PS i need to fix some glitches on the wordpress website
and have to check if secure connection is working properly
also in doubt if it’s worth setting a CDN for faster browsing…

pls let me know if you encounter any problem!



The first page looks a bit strange with black boxes close to some headers, but apart from that everything seems to work.

yes it’s on the to do list!

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Good, it doesn’t break the page, but doesn’t look so good.

Btw, I have now cancelled the account on Binero. It should be accessible until the 26th of June if needed, and then it’s gone forever. We’ve been there for 8 years, before that I hosted the site myself at home from the early 2000’s on my old server that was a computer from around -98, so it was around 14 years old when it got to retire. :slight_smile:

working on it!
i’ll get rid of some plugins and clean things…