Wartime Secrets: Spitfire Girl

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Spitfire Girls were a group of women who ferryed airplanes from the factorys to their operational units.
Their official name was Air Transport Auxillary or A.T.A

Mary Ellis delivered over a thousand aircraft and 67 different types

93 year-old ‘Spitfire Girl’ Mary Ellis flew aircraft during her time with the Air Transport Auxillary in World War II, now she takes to the skies once more and becomes the oldest woman to fly a Spitfire.


One gutsy and unsung hero

She did her part.
There are a lot of unglamous jobs in a warmachine.

There is not many of these men and women left, who did these unglamorous jobs (for example the seamen). At least she was a very fortunate lady who could climb back into her memories. It’s touching how she mentioned all the 65 years wooshing away in an instant when she was strapped in.

Tough lady with attitude!