Warthog Throttle Expansion

For those of you with the Warthog…must admit it looks pretty cool
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Me drooling…:wink:
I like those switches and saftey covers. For a while now i have on mind to build side panel with few potentiometers and 5-10 switches using aluminum housing and those like switches, housing painted in military grey with white letters.:cool:

I would love to have two good trim wheels, at the moment I’m using the two throttles of a Saitek AV8R stick for trim in the Spitfire (DCS), works, but barely. I love Topsys work, but will not have room for going all in, but perhaps I should consider building a simplified version with only trim wheels. Hmm…

Mikke it would be shame not to add few more switches beside those two wheels if you’re going with teensy or arduino boards.