Warthog extension mod

I think I will get one of these


I built my own out of an aluminum tube, a couple of Gardena hose clamps and soldered my own cable. Wouldn’t recommend it though as I’ve probably used almost as much money on as the one you linked. And a lot of my spare time as well. Still not sure if it will hold in the long run either :stuck_out_tongue:

and the result? did you notice a big improvement?

I’ve extended it with approx 100 mm. It’s certainly not worse and it’s easier with smooth movements. Other than that I actually don’t know. With my setup the original stick would also be too low to hold comfortably.

ask also Gb he’s using one of those also…

Just got mine :slight_smile:

Fired DCS P51, set curves to linear, moved stick from my right to between my legs.

Maybe its just coincidence, but I have made the 2 sweetest landings I have had in a long time :slight_smile:

Will keep you updated.