Warm Ups

UK Ded are running a rotating D/F server with the ‘moving Dogfight’ mod that is part of 1.2

Sporran, Zulu, Nitrous, LedZep and I have had a blast in there and it would be great as a warm up to any planned night.

Enemy aircraft come from all directions so it requires lots of looking around. Icons are on, but only for friendly human pilots, all others are off.

Look out for it on H/L, UKDed3_MDF

Good show tonight Kristorf, great flying with you, Zulu, Nitrous, and Led_zep

UK Ded teamspeak server on:

pass: letmein

cool what we need for run it?

4.09beta patched to UI1.2

It was fantastic last night, what a buzz. Thanks to the guys at Battle-fields.com i think this will definately replace the wars. It’s a fantastic server. I personally think the LIMITED icons for friendly human are a real bonus, as we can all get lost/confused without them. I know it may seem like a step back but i have thought for ages its a step forward.

I would love to see all of eaf start this moving dogfight scenarios.

Another good part was the map icons, somehow its like a radar, it only refreshes every 5 minutes. How cool.

These guys are taking this game another step forward into the realism side of combat simulation.

The installation you require comprises of in order of installation;

  1. Fresh Standard installationof 1946(v4.07m)
  2. Download and Patch to v4.08m.
  3. Download and patch to UI 1.1
  4. Download and patch to UI 1.2

Then use the IL2switcher and switch to either 4.09b with mods or 4.09b with mods+6DOF.

Anyone wishing to convey our thanks can do so at www.battle-fields.com.

Further to the Radar, aparently it can be assigned range, and attached to shipping. With the same criteria as the radar we experienced in the BOB SEOW. IE: sink the radar ship, opposing side loses radar coverage that was provided by that ship.

This server is currently a work in progress, so dont expect it to run flawlessly. It will progress as they develop the experience in map development balancing that the MDS mod brings to the table, 32 player + ground war + AI flights is going to put a considerable load on the hardware its running on ( mostly server side ) but it will also bring a heavier client side load as well, so dont expect the same in game performance whilst flying there.

However, those of us flying on it regularly will post what hints and tips we can re-performance.


One mission led to me ( p51 ) leading a conga line of axis aircraft about the map ( 10+ aircraft ( fw190’s and 109G10’s )) Was rather a giggle calling rv points with Zulu trying to get them off my 6. AI settings are being worked on.

One other point, AI consists of mixed flights with all levels present on the map.

Think that about covers it, will post up any further info as i discover it.


PS: as this server configuaration is new, BFS are looking for maps to run on it.

PPS: it would also be a really good idea for us to adopt the pre-flight ops used in Joe’s DF server, Assign a AOC, flight leaders and flights and stick to what the AOC dictates in the session, that way we also develop experience in the various roles.

We definately only can have a max of 4 people in a channel at once and what is this whispers in TS. Can it help us communicate via channels?



I found the AI fly’s in fours.

First map I flew was Normandy (Falaise) and came across a flight of 410’s, attacking them and the next thing I know a flight of G6’s joined in.

Second map was Canon’s BoB map and this turned into a right royal furball over the radar station (and between the masts as it went) at Dunkirk, North Kent.
Only thing we had there was the lack of kill power with the Spit MkI 303’s against the 109 E-4’s, but strangely effective against the He111’s

Team work is esential in this one gents, with sharp comms being essential and sharp eyes all round, no split arsing into a situation unless we are returning to the fray

Thanks for reminding med why I don’t fly UK Ded. anymore :wink:
Icons reduces the load on the pilots SA.
I am to hardcore a simfan for this :afro:

A shame since they are the only one using the moving DF mod :frowning:

I doubt that moving mods will replace war mission, but they do bring a lot to the game. If they combine this with ingame reloads (an experimental mod, so far), It will be great :cool:

I am to hardcore a simfan for this

Quite right Starfire, leave this kind of nonsense to those with lower standards !

( PS folks, great fun last night, had a ball ! especially on that Med map with the p38’s)


It was excellent last night. Some GREAT flying, shooting, teamwork and communication. A huge thanks to all that turned up. I can’t remember the time i had this much fun in il2.

I will have my own string of MDFs to run soon gents - I am aiming at 2hr long DFs with action dispersed to add immersion, chance discoveries and wot not :slight_smile:

Splendid Classic, looking forward to these !

Nice classic can’t wait bud.