War Thunder hosting Full Real Battle Tournament

Good move by the devs to encourage the hardcore element with a dedicated tornay for teams of 4-6 in the ‘sim’ mode ‘Full Real Battle’

Player count is now over 20,000 all told - with around 400-600 playing FRB including some refugees from Il-2 and CloD including this guy…


Looks stunning, apart from the icons.

Yes, looks really good graphically, very nice ground, love the forest, nice clouds too.

But the shooting looks very arkadish, I don’t like the icons and all the other clutter on the screen, and the flight model looks to be on the light side as well. As it is I have a hard time going back to IL-2 after having flown CoD, so going to something more arkadish is just out of the question for me, even if it looks stunning…