War is coming!

La campagna DWO di 102-YUROSS su IL2 BOX riparte questo martedì 17 prossimo.
Licenze revocate, concesso un ultimo bacio alla morosa/moglie/amante e poi dritti in cockpit…chi è pilota o caporale?

The 102-YUROSS DWO campaign on IL2 BOX starts again this next Tuesday 17th.
Licenses revoked, granted a last kiss to the girlfriend / wife / lover and then straight to the cockpit … who is pilot or corporal?


Polansky in

Luft in

Grazie Luft del post!

Cappe in!

Snaches orari permettendo in

Think i will be able to make it, IN

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Storm in! :star_struck:

BANZAI in, ma dalla seconda missione che torno a casa il 18👍

Shardana in!

Yes! Count me in!

I’ll try my best to be IN

any idea what the task of 51 will be on Tuesdays mission?

Is there any post for a rusty old pilot?

(I mean it, I do not want to crash a shiny new Spit)

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Message from DWO HQ!! <@&975105698256015430> <@&975102947853750272> There will be some changes regarding RRR. I will post in allied and axis info channels.
Basically, there is a bug with RRR, so we will go with refly and use same plane and loadout. There will be no Temporary airfield.