Wanna be an EAF pilot?

ah, so you wanna be one of us… :cool:

Well, then you must do a few things…

1) Read carefully the EAF rules and try to understand what they mean.
Click on top of the page, on the folder named “rules”. Remember: all the EAF members accepted to subscribe those rules. They are mandatory for us. Those not respecting the rules :eek: have been regrettably (?) dismissed from the EAF…
On the bottom of the “rules” page there is a link named “how to get promoted”. Click on that, and learn how to develop a career within the EAF. This also explain the criteria we use to accept a new member within the EAF.

2) If you feel comfortable with our rules, here comes the rest of the start up instructions

If you want to become an EAF member you must have installed on your personal computer the Flight Simulator supported by the European Air Force (IL2 1946 and the following developments). You should understand and speak at least a minimum of the English language, as this is the only way to communicate with the other EAF Squadrons members, and having accepted our rules.

If you are really thinking to become one of us, we suggest you to surf around our website, and then to come for a drink at the EAF Officer’s Club (Our forum). Register at our forum, and post something about you. Feel free to ask anything you feel it would be important to know. This is a way for better knowing each others.

After that, if you feel still comfortable, if you are are still convinced, if you really really want to take the challenge, give it a try…:crazy:

The EAF squadrons flying nights are Monday and Thursday between the hours of 21:00 and 24:00 CET, come along and find us. We can be found in HyperLobby on the above nights and should you wish to join us, you can make contact with any of our T/O’s, C/Os or X/O’s. Once contact is established you will be invited to fly with us for a coop or two. In case both (you and us) have a good feeling, we will invite you to join us. A T/O (Training Officer) will ask you your e-mail, and an application form will be sent to you by our central OTU staff (Operational Training Unit). Just give the officer you contacted your e-mail address, and we can deal with the rest of the paperwork.

The names of the people you want to contact can be found on the personnel pages at www.europeanaf.org (Personnel pages, C.O.C.), but you can ask anyone on Hyperlobby flying with a callsign starting with EAF, and they should be able to help you out.

Be patient and wait for receiving an e-mail confirming you have been accepted in the Operational Training Unit. Together with the e-mail you would also receive all instructions in order to participate to the EAF training. Training sessions are held at Hyperlobby every Monday and Wednesday night, hrs. 21-23 CET

Good luck, good hunting! - Have fun being an EAF Trainee and an EAF pilot!