Wake Turbulence - Fligth Sims getting better and better

I constantly complain about damage model, balistic, flight model, visibility lods etc.
And yes thinghs could be much better, but the reality is that Flight Sims are improving constantly!

check this video about Wake Turbulence in DCS


@BANZAI_EAF51 is aeronautic engineer with a great expertise in fluid dynamics! Do you care to comment??

I heard about this feature time ago! And was curious if it was implemented yet! This month we flew the #mb339 mod in DCS and flying in formation and passing after the leader i had the clear feeling of being moved by his wake turbolence…!

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We talked about that few months ago… Good news

You can already appreciate It in Flight…i think, there have been a couple of times behind someone that plane was shaking for a brief Moment like It in stall…immediatly behind and below :thinking: