Vulcan 607

Rowland White’s book about the longest ever airstrike, is an account of the first BLACK BUCK operation during the Falklands conflict, which put Stanley airfield effectively out of operation to the Argentinian Mirage and Etendard fast jets.

The book covers the build-up and training, to the raid itself on 30th April 1982 and goes through some of the technical difficulties and how the ever resourceful engineers solved the issues.

Its also very tense, particularly the last section on the raid and I found the book hard to put down.

For anyone who likes aviation books, I can’t recommend this enough.

I will wait til you finished it then you can send it to me freepost :smiley:

Isn’t 607 at Southend now Keets ?

And XH558 will be flying soon :slight_smile: Cannot wait for that sight again :o

Techy :cool:

I finished reading the book just about two weeks ago.
Great story, unknown to many.
I found particularly interesting all the planning part, and how they put again in line those bomers that were ner top be retired. Nice book, indeed.