A couple of very good VPF missions were played tonight after we found a host, nice to have MetalG and VonHess playing as allied:) . Thanks for the fighter cover guys, shame VonHess had to go due to control issues.
Any way the last mission was great and yourself G and Auf managed to find and land on the carrier again:D . My SBD flight all made it back aswell apart from me :frowning: , i did my vertical dive from 12,000ft but when you have your dive brakes on it takes forever and i got shot up really bad. With one wing looking like a colander and the other missing an aileron i had to land on the allied airfield rather than risk a carrier landing with only pitch and yaw:) .
Nice flying with you and the 150GCT guys who turned up. See you tomorrow or next monday.

Ace, convert your pictures to jpg please, bmp takes 10 times the space.

How come itโ€™s green under the plane, not blue, isnโ€™t it pacific? :wink:

Done boss sorry, didnt know jpeg took less space.
We have taken half of one island so i landed on our half:D