Vkb gunfighter after a year of usage!

So after a year of enjoyment in my vkb gunfighter two problems occured.

1.grip electonics sometimes lose connection with base so in the middle of the flight while on someones six it is not nice experience…simple cleaning the pins and grip reinstallation fix it.
Not big problem, more just regular maintenance!

  1. This problem is real and not easy to fix, i wouldn’t call it a design flaw it’s rather a production line flaw.
    So few days ago i’ve got sudden x axis spikes when rolling to the left…x axis just go wild!
    So i take it apart and give it a closer look after i found out many had same problem.
    Problem seems to be in wiring and connectors, to be more precise only certain connector while others are fine.
    To some ppl wires got loosen from that connector while in my case plastic part (lady connector) got loosen from it’s pins and circuit board…i did put it back together and now working fine but how long it will hold i don’t know.
    I don’t want to mess up with such tiny pins on board so i asked VKB to send me new board.
    Note this is the first rev.A version of gunfighter.

I hope you can fix the problems and that they have solved it for later revisions.
My Thrustmaster Cougar is now around 16 years. The original potentiometers and some of the mechanics was upgraded to Über (including hall sensors) a couple of years after I bought it, the springs on the Über mechanics have broken a couple of times after that, and the cable from the throttle to the joystick had a break in it that I fixed by shortening it and putting in a new connector probably 4 years ago. Apart from that, the only issue I have is that the paint on the joystick grip is more then halfway gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could glue it to be firm but it’s still under warranty so i raised a support ticket in hope they can send me new circuit board.

Your joystick have really long history in flight sims so that warn paint is somewhat cool, telling it’s story :slight_smile:

I manage to fix it, connector wasn’t assembled as it should in factory line.
I did take apart connector and plastic lady part and i succeded to put it back on board pins so this time they fit firm.
With firm and stable connection all problems are gone!
Ohh i’m so glad cos i really like this stick.