Vista x64

When you buy Vista, you get the x32 version. Then, using that license, you can order the x64 disc for another 90 Skr (~EUR 10).
I got the new disc a couple of days ago and so I installed Vista x64.

This is what I found out:
-x64 is faster
-x64 is very stable
-x64 handles 4GB RAM
-x64 runs most x86 programs
-x64 runs IL2

-x64 is what you should get if you want Vista. Provided that you have suitable hardware, I see no reason at all to stay with the 32 bits version.

I will install Vista x64 on my gaming rig too, but I am still waiting for Saitek to finish their Vista SST-drivers, hopefully with less bugs than the XP-version.

Someone told me that with Vista is not possible to connect with HL.
Is it true?

Thanks Hans I’ve got the DVD but I am too scared to install it :slight_smile:

x64 runs IL2

Nice thanks!


HL works just fine on my computer.
With UAC (User Account Control) disabled, you are also spared from the extra mouse clicks.

But no flying without joystick drivers… Well I can fly, but I can’t program any buttons or fire my guns.
Saitek is the only reason why my gaming rig remains dual boot.