virgin 50mb fibre optic broadband

Dose any1 have virgin 50mb fibre optic broadband if so what do they think of it or any of there fibre optic packs?

Im looking at getting it in about a month has just been made available to me so hope for good things here.

I had Virgin for a few years. Great download speeds, slow upload speeds.

Download speed != server ping, I had a mixture of good and bad pings over the years of using them.

I left because after booking 5 engineer appointments the engineer didn’t turn up for any of them and they wouldn’t post the new cable modem I needed so I could use their service. This gave me no choice other than to cancel the service.

I have been with O2 for a few years now Kev, I get a constant 9.5mb down and 1.5mb upload.
Odd thing is Virgin and BT both said the max I can still get with them is ‘about 4 down abd .5 up’,.

I have done all the line test and I can get some nice deals they all say they can give like 20mb but my line will only give me half meg of that but going over to the virgin fibre optic they can deliver a lot more the engineer I was talking to said I can look to get 40mb at least and as I am sure you will agree that’s a lot better.

I have had 10mb virgin fibre optic for 6 years now, and never ever had a problem kev. Fibre optic is so more advanced than dsl down your phone line mate. My advice if you want stable fast high speed internet go with fibre optic.
Remember to mention the work “SKY” and make up some shit about there deals and virgin will give you a good deal, works every time.

Currently I Have

XL TV with V+ box
Talk Anytime (Free Calls all the time)
10mb Broardband.

I pay just £36 for all of this bye just threatening them that i will go to sky.