Video: 30th April SoW event! Defending Wilmington!

Released today!

30th April 2015, EAF Broadsword and Grappa scramble to meet the incoming air raids over Wilmington airfield. Grappa deals with the escorts while Broadsword attacks the bombers.

A constant 2-hour battle mixed down to 7 minutes, with battle damage, rearming and back into the fight numerous times. EAF will not let Wilmington be destroyed!


Nice one again Stuntman :slight_smile:

Keep them comming :slight_smile:

Another exciting video, Stunt.
Thank you.

Thanks Pax and Apollo. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video Stunt!

It was fun flying with you Oz!

Thanks Chip. :slight_smile:

You’re the Spielberg of CoD!!:roflmao::roflmao::banana::banana::banana:


I appreciate all the editing and effort, but also like how this game looks in full color (or is it colour? :)).

Also, I am well aware how real footage of the era looked like, but this is game recording. Any chance you can do next in middle ground between B&W and color, maybe partial serpia filter or similar that still keep all those millions of color that our monitors can dish out busy but keep that vintage feel as well?

Not trying to be picky, just love the good graphics these new sims have and I’d like to see some of it in at least some of the movies from time to time.

No problem, glad for feedback. :slight_smile:

I changed the colours some more in this video, what do you think of the previous ones? Anyone you prefer over the other?

I think I found the best combination in “Storm of War server”. What do you think?

EDIT: I don’t want extreme colour changes, but my last video (not this 30th one) was more of an experiment to see how people reacted, and it’s good to know that people felt it was a bit too much, so I know where the border goes.

But if you felt this 30th april video was also too extreme on the colours, then that’s good to know!

Excellent Stunts…keep them coming.

PS - what do you do to record these anyway?

Cheers Swoop!

I am rendering yet another video! :banana:

Nvidia ShadowPlay. Built in feature for all Nvidia cards from 6xx and newer.

Low size, very low impact on frames or stability. Much better than FRAPS.

Always recommend to have OS on one drive, game on another, video recording saved on a third drive.

I have OS on 1st SSD, game on 2nd SSD and recording on a HDD. This makes me lose less than 10 frames in total when recording.

Very nice! Thk’s Stunt!

And what about video editing? Which program do you use?

Sony Vegas Pro 13.

  • NewBlue video effects expansion.

By the way it got me thinking, remember guys to save a track before a sortie incase it becomes a good fight. Send me the file and I can record your perspective and put it into my movie!

Would have been awesome to have for instance Jimmi’s perspective on that 109 we bagged over France!

This is what I meant Stunt, I love these videos when they are made like an story or event (that is where you do great) but them I love seeing them in color (might be just me :)).

Here is an example of short mission story in color back where there was none :slight_smile:

Set it to 720p, i forgot when linked it…


Thanks for letting me know. I understand what you mean now by more colour.

Personally I’m a bit mixed on the use of video games’ original colour, as they are often over-saturated or more cartoonish than the way I perceive every day viewing. I prefer a slightly desaturated tone with heavier contrast, simply to try and mimic the feeling of different lights, brightness and shades of different ranges our eyes take completely naturally. However video games normally have a linear depth of shade and light over any range, especially sims. Trying to combine a dynamic range to a 3D world that already has very limited dynamic range, gives more problems than solutions.

Since I try and “force” games that has rudimentary shading and lighting to have more dynamic depths of light, it means some parts get too extreme while the rest is good. That’s why I have been experimenting for some 3 years now to get the right combo that “pleases everyone” - an impossible task :).

And I think I finally got as close as possible I can with the limited lighting that most games, especially Cliffs of Dover gives me. So if you watch my two last vids, Hurricanes over France and Fate, that is the colour palette I will most likely stick with for Clod.

By all means mate. I am not a fan of BW art in photos or motion picture, but many people like it.

All all that post processing in movies lately makes them quite unrealistic to me (unless that was the very idea to make them noar like in Sin City and alike). Guess it works well with making game footage look historical. Probably also the reason why ROF actually has HDR presets i don’t use, but can look very interesting for movie making.

Also ROF has a bit cartoonish art design (except planes themselves, they look quite good to me). Would be awesome to place those planes over ARMA3 land graphics. Uff what a blast would that be since in WW1 you fly slow enough to appreciate land details when on dive bombing or recon missions. And scouts tend to finish their fight low enough for it to matter as well.

Now when I look at ARMA3 and BF4 land details while flying in those games, I can’t help not to wonder why are our beloved flight sims so damn ugly and empty. I guess they expect us never to get lower then 2km and to close our eyes on finals :smiley:

nice video, keep it up mate, and maybe someday I return to fly…feel my blood pressure increase when I watch your videos