Vid of setting up the Spit/Hurri's compass

Note the T is inside the compass ring and points north!

Cheers mate, most usefull

In the real plane then, because it’s difficult to see the compass you can transfer the directional reading to a simple and highly visible indicator. But the gyro-indicator must first be calibrated to agree with north (or another direction)- the gyro’s spin direction/axis lines up with north so stays pointing to north (or another direction)

Why didn’t they just move the compass :slight_smile: (but ingenious)

Ta skipper!

I heard you chaps chatting the other night about how to zero-out the barometer/altitude indicator on the runway. Much to learn sorry- how does that work?


Click either to the left or right of the button under the Altometer and the needle will move that direction, rewind until its at zero and that sets your ‘ground level’ to your current position.

Like you Chris I had no idea, I keep finding new things all the time.

I thought my forcefeed back was broke, but when Ming was having same issues as the controls firmed up as we hit 240mphs, cool :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris

When the 240mph airstream is squeezing down the control surfaces you have hard in FF to work to move the control surfaces. Nice yes Swoop.

I don’t think I’ve ever got to 240mph before - in one piece - so who knew :slight_smile: