VID - How to beat the 109 in a Spitfire, flown by an experienced 109 pilot

If you have a spare half an hour, I just watched a really informative vid, especially in regards to energy fighting, and the pitfalls of a 109. What makes this so interesting is the Spit is flown by a top notch 109 pilot. Personally I’ve always preferred trying to fly as a more attack minded energy RAF fighter, but not doing that well once the blighter gets above me, but this jerry has some very useful tactics in conserving energy and how to wear them down. Enjoy with a cuppa!! - Cheers JG26/Ape from ACG

EDIT - if short on time move forward to 20min - 28min, good fight


Thank you for sharing. I certainly reccommend this to watch when you’re flying Cliffs of Dover.:slight_smile:

Nice Video!