vBulletin security breach

It has been found a security breach that affect vbulletin forums.
I don’t know if our forum is affected but better be careful.

I think Mikke will need to patch the forum.

What to do?
For security reasons you shouldn’t, but if you are using the same password you are using here on multiple websites you should change it! Or at least change it on websites where you store sensitive data.
PS May be is better change our forum password also. (after Mikke patch it)
PS2 this affect almost all vBulletin forums like ATAG, DCS etc

Thanks to EAF79_T_Chairman for finding the news!

Our forum is still on 4.x, seems like patching is only necessary for 5.x versions. The password for my vBulletin account (with vBulletin themselves) probably have been exposed, but as far as I can remember the password I had one there was a generated one, but I should check it. But I don’t think I’ve received any mail about it.