VBS2 for Arma


very nice where we can get it?

Better question: will you be able to purchase it? :slight_smile:

You can get it here
but I think it is a little expensive :wink:

Gufo maybe on somaro? :wink:

Let me say some information about VBS2.

It is a tool made for the military, governments and military companies supported by the government.

It is not only bloody expensive, but even if you buy it, you wont have privacy. Since its a training tool you wont have it as a personal, private software.
You will be watched…not secret police watched (:p) but you are not 100% personally safe.:wink:

In other words: There will be very few multiplayer servers lol.:roflmao:

Seems we have to stick to the normal version then :wink:

When we’re gonna play again? It’s been a while …

There´s Xmas holiday next week, so what about playing then?

Say…Tuesday 17:00 GMT?

Xmas holiday starts at Wednesday for me :mad:
So Tueday is working day.

But thursday and friday would suit me… And the weekend of course…