Using (Momo Force) pedals as rudders?

I seem to recall a post on the old forum about how to turn your PC wheel pedals into rudders for use with flightsims.

Anyone have any details about how to go about doing it?


yep that is possible :slight_smile:

i used pedals from a logitech gp force wheel.

u go into the game and go into hotas setup and when u get to the rudder …simply press the pedals and u should see the axis number against the rudder input. if they are reversed u go back and reverse your order u pressed your pedals.

if u have the wheel in range when u fly then u can assign the wheel buttons for your functions :slight_smile:

just make sure the pedals are on one axis…for more sim like racing there is an options to have acceleration and brakes on different axis on the momo wheels…that wont help much for rudders :slight_smile: