USB-HDD undetected

Hello mates,

few weeks ago i brought 1TB USB HDD from Western Dig.
All went well sofar till yesterday, when Windoes was installing 2 little updates before shutdown.
When I restarted the Pc next day, the USB-HDD wasn’t detected anymore from the start.
I had to plug-out/plug-in the USB connector several times to get it detected :frowning:
Any ideas?

Plug in the disk drive.

Now while holding down the windows key (between [Ctrl] and [Alt]) press the
[Pause/Break] key. Select the ‘Hardware’ tab and then the Device Manager
button. Now look to see if any of the devices have a yellow ‘!’ icon over
them (particularly a disk drive or an unknown device). If you have, right
click on it a select ‘unistall’. Close the device manager. Now unplug your
drive and after a few seconds, plug it in again. With luck it should
install as a new device. With a lot of luck, it should work.

Thanks Magpie :slight_smile:
There was a second Audiodevice from my MoBo which caused the trouble.
The HDD was detected again after reboot, I hope it stays that way.:o