Urgent - More GFX Card advice

Folks, I can get my hands on a:

GeForce GTX 570 Golden Sample 1280MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

From OCUK for £250.

I can’t get a 2gb card in my price range and wanted some 2nd opinions before I committed.

Thanks in advance.


How about this 2048MB ATI card for £209??

Unless your heart is sold on an Nvidia card, might be worth a look.

I have had a GTX570 for a year or so and its been a great card and I have had no problems with it. With the newer games having that extra video memory does help, so personally I would go for a GTX 560Ti 2048MB card. Scan are doing an oc MSI version for £214 and includes BF3 game


Cheers all.

2gb 560 ti ordered with BF3.

£223. Sorted

Thanks for your help everyone (again) hopefully should be back up and running by the weekend so will be looking forward to checking out RoF and CLoD.

Hopefully I will be snag free for a while!

Happy New Year


Jonah :banana: