Upgrading help

Current system:
B450M MB
Ryzen 5 3600
16GB DDR4 (tomorrow this will be 32GB)
RTX 2070 Super
Oculus Rift-S

So, any help on how to upgrade? Yesterday I talked to Polansky (no one else in TeamSpeak, so I had to :joy:) and so far I am looking at staying with the MB and CPU.

So, what GPU to buy? I have a HD monitor, but Im more interested in VR.
Also, should I change my VR headset? If at all possible, something without external cameras.


Ciao Nepe,

i can share my hardware specs. I’m really satisfied of it and it’s the result of suggestions of EAF members.

CPU: Amd Ryzen 7 5800X3D (specifically built for VR)
RAM: 32 Gb DDR4
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
VR: HP Reverb G2

you can also buy something better but it will cost more. :slight_smile:

Grazie Storm!!!

That gives me a good baseline

Now, the reverb G2 is old, should I get a Quest 3, for example?

I have the 2, heard from others that the res of 3 is better. Go for the 3

on the B450M you can fit an 5800X3D that will give you a considerable boost in cpu power (the X3d cache works great with games and flight sim in particular to load scenaries)
if you want to save some bucks you can also check the 5700X3D. It was just relased. It’s a 5800x3d with just slightly less ghz for 100 bucks less…

i would upgrade the gpu too
4070 super just got out and seems good value for the money

As for VR… For flight simmers
The Pimax Crystal seems the best right now. 1400€ (owned by @BANZAI_EAF51 @Joker and soon by @EAF51_Havebug )
Varjo aereo a close second. 999€
recerb g2 is still a good headset. (bug is selling his by teh way and clearly an upgrade on the quest)
for 300-350 could be a great upgrade. Consider Windows has dropped developement of WMR headsets…
If you want to stay with Oculus i would check a discounted or second hand quest Pro instead of the qeust3. The pro is around 100€ excels in nothing but is overall very good.

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Thanks guys! Thats super helpful info.

RTX 40470 super…yes
Ryxen 7 5800x3D: too expensive, will get one once it gets cheaper
Pymax crystal: 1400€?? where? I only can find it for 2000, and thats way too much.

Hola Nepe! Indeed the Crystal costs €1400 plus VAT in its most basic version (Sim version without controllers), so that’s around €1700…
It’s the best option out there but I agree with the others: quest 3 or a quest pro cost much less and would be a massive update already compared to the Rift :+1:

P.s. you know I’m moving to Madrid, right?:wink:

These days there’s a sale for the CES2024. you should save about 150€. I bought it for 1500€ VAT included and free shipment.

What are you doing!!! Really? Fantastic news!!! :partying_face: :smile: :smile: :smile:

When? Where? Let me know if you need any advice or help.

True, found it for 1500

Now, that’s a big headset!! Can you really use it comfortably!

Still undecided…

ok, after some thinking…

I think I will try the Q3 first.

It´s not about the price, but I will wait for the next gen of VR will have the best of both worlds, visual quality and comfortability (also, no passthough in the Crystal, weird?).

Coming from a Rift-S the Q3 will be a huge upgarde, and next year I can keep them as standalone headset and buy one for FlightSim only.

And I will buy Q3 in Amazon, so I can always return it :slight_smile:


I’ve started working for Aer Lingus c/o Iberia Maintenance at Barajas already in May 2023, but I’ve not relocated yet due to family issues (namely the birth of our 3rd child :sweat_smile:).
I’ve been to Madrid several times but I was always super busy (which is also why I’m not flying at the moment :pensive:), the current plan is to move with all the family around Easter, but I need to find an accommodation first…

Where do you live exactly?

By the way, I find the Crystal extremely comfortable, much better than the Index, plus it’s very well balanced so I don’t feel the weight…

I think they are going to release an update soon with such capability…

as i told you before, for a comfortable experience with your current VR you need to upgrade most of your components, CPU - the minimum i think would be the 3800 x3d, Graphics card - 3070ti and RAM 32gb. If you update your bios newer cpus shouldn’t be a problem because i run an older a350m mobo and with updated bios im running 5800x3d and 3080 with a 750 watt corsair silver 80