Update on Techys B-24 movie skins

Here is an update on the requested B-24 Template requested. A lot more weathering has been added as asked, the template will come with both green and sand colours.

All of the tails are easy to modify, all you need is the USAAF_SERIAL_STENCIL and the USAAF_STENCIL both are available for download from simmers paintshop in the download section.
The 564th,566th and the 567th have been included.

Both plus and minus are included

I will simplify the template once it is finished, just a couple of things to add.
Do you want the squadron letter codes added as they were not on the plane untill mid march 1944?
Is that enought weathering or do you want more?
Anything else need doing?
All in a days work:D

What do you think? Excuse the 128mb graffix card

Looking good mate… Weathering is coming along nicely.

What do you think?
I think you’ve overdone the weathering a bit. Its always a tricky one and a subject which can be very emotive (check any modelling magazine/forum) - not that sort of model :slight_smile:

What I mean is, the B-24 has a 100ft wingspan. Each wing being 50ft in length. That means some of those scratches are nigh on 5ft long…

Most of these aircraft didn’t last long enough to get weathered to this extent.

You might want to toning down the opacity of the scratches, That way they may look like they are just coming through thin layes of paint and it should look a little more realistic IMHO.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Wow that is looking fantastic and without giving too much off the story away Keets has made my star of the movie and these chaps you are doing Ace are perfect as co-stars.
I don’t really understand about layering and weathering or how to do it but on some of the photos i see of the Ploesti raid the B24’s look very very worn and tired. How weathered do you think they should be because when i edit the movie i like to sharpen the picture which brings detail out on the aircraft?

Keets thx for your help mate :o

Ace can you teach me how to do this :rolleyes:

Techy :cool:

Thanks mate, i always like a few critacisms, its all part of the learning process.

Looking good m8 :slight_smile:

As Keets says weathering is a tricky part of skinning to get right, and some people like really clean and others really weathered, you can never keep everyone happy :wink:

I would agree that that needs a bit more opacity on that layer personally.

Is this enough opacity

Is this enough opacity

I think it looks superb. :slight_smile: It looks dirty/grimy as well which enhances it further.

The colour conversion (24 to 8bit) robs you of some of the finer detail that you can see when you do the skin. Some of the subtler shading gets removed as approximations are done in the conversion.

The main thing with skinning though is go with what you want/feel like. If you prefer the more weathered look - go for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate i went for that well used look.
Usually i go for the weathered look but its hard when making it for someone else coz we all have our preferences.
I will send the template to techy soon so he can change the planes id :smiley:

Stay with the weathered look!.. Yes, lots of pictures of the B-24 that are around show pristine examples… however, there are many examples of the type looking worse for wear… many B-24’s completed their tours and were extremely worn… I guess as stated it comes down to preference, but don’t go down the road of believing that all US bombers were never around long enough to become dirty or weather beaten… Great work by the way!

Regards… Dave.

Cheers Dave and every one for your comments.
Techy the template is ready, here is a picture that shows you were to adjust the opacity off the layers, all the layers that you can adjust are in red. They are all in there own folders and are easy to use, also included is a mask to show you were the different parts are (dont forget to switch it off:) ).
All the aircraft serials are in their relevent bomber group folders and just need you to double click on the A next to the number you are changing to adjust.
Enjoy, and if you need any help with skinning just pm me or any other skinner that is online and we will be glad to help.
Thanks for the challange Techy:) Whos next:)
[Your B-24 Template](http://www.europeanaf.org/shared/Aceman/My B-24.zip)

Keets have you a better picture than this mate?

Vagabond King coming on nicely, also you spit techy (what coloured spinner do you want? and any other details.) and Osprey at 21:19 last night i heard you mention you didnt have a 8th Air Force spit (what letter are you? what roundels went on the wings and tail? just send details and i will knock it up for you.

8 AF Spits?
I don’t know which fighter squads were involved in the raids, nor if Spits would have been involved (given the range, that strikes me as unlikely), but squad codes were:

4th FG (Spits used Sep '42 - 1 Apr '43): 334FS – XR; 335FS – AV; 336FS – MD
Note: squad codes changed when P47’s were assigned (334 QP; 335 WD; 336 VF)

31st FG (assigned 8 AF: June '42 - Sep '42): 307FS – MX; 308FS – HL; 309FS – WZ

52nd FG (assigned 8 AF: July '42 - Sep '42): 2FS – QP; 4FS – WD; 5FS – VF

All Spit V, standard RAF day scheme; usually, the codes were light grey, forward of national insignia on left, aft on right

The 67th RG (Reconnaissance Group) also used Spit Vb’s. Their schemes are not clear to me from Freeman

Source: Roger A. Freeman The Mighty Eighth Jane’s Publishing Co Ltd, 1986

The spits are just somethingn for the guys to use in a dogfight. Its got noyhing to do with the raid:p

Skins are looking fan bloody tastic Ace and the King is luvly to look at !!!

How bout a yellow spinner for little ol me and that skin is looking good too.

Thx for all your hard work Ace i owe you one :o

Beers are on me :wink:

Techy :cool:

The IAR 80 is finished i just need the numbers you want on the tails mate, the writing you wanted would take ages so if you want a skin of it i know someone who has done it…
The G6 template i have borrowed from a friend and since he is still working on it himself i cant send it on, so if you can tell me the id letters you need i will do them.
As for the cam i have no ideas this picture is just to show you the work so far. When you know the cam scheme tell us plz mate as i cant find it.

Yet again Ace fantastic work and as for the colour skin i think it is over too the smart folks who are reading this post :smiley:

Double drinks on me mate :o

Techy :cool:

[The Vagabond King](http://www.europeanaf.org/shared/Aceman/Vagabond King.zip)
Here is the skin.
After our chat on monday i have added the evcellent noseart from Keets and since it was a newish crew i have given them the war weary B-24 scheme.
If you want it towned down just say mate.
Still need those romanian id numbers mate:rolleyes: