Downloaded the ultrapack
When I right click on part one and select extract to up 1.7 full it extracts the first part but none of the rest:confused:
anybody any ideas please:(

If your folder is 13.5 ish Gb consider it complete, you only have to extract the 1st file the rest is automatic.

You did extract it using 7-zip?

Right click and go to "Extract To “UP_1.7_Full_s” and it will do it itself


hi there

please check updated mirrorlist

i made a mistake uploading an exe file to megaupload… because of rushing
(it is better explained over ultr@site)


Hi Splash yip I followed those instructions with 7-zip and the finished folder size is only1.46gb:(

Hi Itaf thanks for the info does this mean I have to download it all again:eek::eek:

Cheers Stevie:)

try check MD5 hash code of files you downloaded :wink:

if 1st file of your downloaded serie is an exe file: yes you should download the whole pack from scratch … sorry

PS i’m availble to give assistance throug teamviewer session

Also having troubles here - have Classic’s 1.6 bv, 1.7 and 1.7 fix files but on installation I have completely different file size to he and game crashes at 5%. Followed the threat at the UP website about this but still happens.

Any ideas? :confused: