UdpGraph findings on Spit turn performance

I am using UdpGraph again to see if I am able to find the in-game turn performance for the Spit.

There are several measures that dont seem to be right, but anyway.

After just a couple flights, so take this as very preliminary:

Spit Vb 41

Corner velocity seems to be around 270 mph, pulling 7g in the limit of blackout. Turn time is 11.6 secs. Turn Radius appears as 3525 meters!?, that is obviously wrong. Could it be 352 m?

If we take that guess, at what should be sustained best turn, near 130 mph, radius is around 210m (that could be more or less correct) but turn time is 14 secs, that is too fast.

This has been a first contact, if anyone wants to help… :slight_smile:

First flight yesterday’s night.
I’ve no spare time at all but I’ll help you if you need.
Post me what tests you need and I’ll do it ASAP.

Thanks Walty :slight_smile:

Have you used UdpGraph before?

What’s useful for?

I wouldn’t mind trying…Just need you to show me how.
BTW, 352 meters seems very very tight. Could it be 3525 ft = 1000m? That would seen more correct for that speed I think.

meters or feet?

Well, in the config file it shows as:

Radius_m= (tas2(ispeed,altimeter)3.61+altimeter/15000))^2/(overload*9.81)

translated is something like (Speed [kph] + Alt[m]/15000)^2/(G*9.81)

Any idea where the 15000 come from?

To use UdpGraph (and udptrack, which shows a 3 D view of your flight path) go here, download and install:

Then activate DeviceLink in IL2, adding the following lines at the end on the conf.ini:


Thats it. Launch IL2 (offline!!!) press Ctrl+Alt+A to start recording data and you 're done.

Then comes the difficult part: analyze the data.

Surely I’m too busy and too much ignorant to help you!
But go on with these tests because I’m very intrested in.