Turning the graphics up :)

I’ve been destined to fly on Medium settings but have wondered what it looks like on Max, and its was just about playable online with a few planes about - the picture doesn’t do it justice, its was just stunning.

Coming into land at Ramsgate after shooting up a fast low flying 109 off our coast.

You big fanny :), you joined a server with 100+ AI. I had it on max, no slow downs my side.


Jealousy mode off - what’s your system then you big girl :smiley:

What would you need to play it on max, specifically memory and graphics card? I have a quad 2.3 which I’ll keep for a bit but the other stuff I could upgrade.

100+ AI

…and FurMark running in the background I bet :slight_smile:


i7 950 @ 4ghz. Gfx is a 1024 MB ATI 6850. I’m running it on max on all settings bar trees which I think is on medium. You must be able to run it at that.

I was surprised that I had that many AI, I was spawning them in on the Ramsgate DF I’ve done and got carried away. It was only after I landed at Manston that I realised.

I do get the micro pauses some times, but that is independent of a/c.

Thats quite interesting in a geeky way, flight sims are very cpu dependant due to all the calculations which makes sense with your 100+ AI. I’ve been reading anything over 3 ghz and a 2GB graphic cards are the perfect match for processing and smooth maxed out graphics.