TS permissions

I receive this message " insufficient client permissions (failed on b_channel_join_permanent)" trying to enter EAF51 channel :confused::confused::confused:

I get the same in every channel except the public ones

you have both to be given EAF group permissionsโ€ฆ

me or another admin will do it as soon as we meet in tsโ€ฆ

Yes me too please

Hi Classic
You were added to the EAF Members permission group, but I have moved you to the Brass & SL/XO group.
The main difference is the ability to add pilots to the EAF Members group.
This impowerment was done partly to reduced the works on the Admin and partly to give the CO/XO and & Brass titels meaning by impowering in them.
So in case that any of our members have had to make a new TS User ID, they can approach any CO/XO a ask them do add them to the EAF Member group.

If you are not familiar with the procedure I will gladly show you. The more we have with the skills the merrier.