Ts meeting with all eaf pilots thurday 9th july

Hi chaps! @51Squadron @41wing

As told in another thread, we will have a TS meeting thursday July the 9th

Please sign up and give confermation, it’s long time since we talked all together the last time!

I’m really sorry, but tonight I need to anticipate my leave for a job that will keep me busy until monday and I just can’t refuse it, because I live a very difficult working moment and certainly I can’t afford to miss even the slightest opportunity.

Not sure that night. I’ll try to join later…

That is probably my last day at work before vacation, think it’ll be ok with me.

We could always use the Discord Channel.

Better to stay on TS, not all our pilot has Discord

@51Squadron Ragazzi indicate se ci sarete, non è aperto solo al 41°!



Bumpeli bump…

21:00 CET I take it.

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We’ve got a Zoom meeting with my Son’s new secondary school teacher but hope to get on after that.

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Will try to be there…

Sorry Guys, I have to miss the meeting…I hope you would excuse me