Trimming - an "eureka" moment

Finally got to assigning trim to the extra ‘wheels’ on my X-45 throttle.

My god, what a difference… No more pressing ctrl+up 50 times to trim the plane…


S! MadDog

Im also in to trimming at the moment, mostly because of my use of bombplanes.

Mine has always been on the x-35 throttle, but after reading “secondary flights control” by Andy Bush, I think I wil try to put it on my secondary Viewhat on joystick, just to see why he think its better. (wil get back on that)

anyways the document is located at downloads EAF training & resources on EAF51 server, under training documents. (get password at eaf breifing)

so I wil not pass on the link here :slight_smile:

p.s. Loong document, but lots of god cloues, told in a funny way, at least I think.

I so agree. I’ve put trim on the tophat, and use it all the time now. No more reaching for the keyboard.