Trim in SE5A?

Jumped on Syndicate earlier today with the intention of taking an SE aloft and helping the allied war effort.

However two take-off attempts later, and the bally thing refused to leave the ground.

Presumably this is the new adjustable stabliser feature?

If so where do i find it in the options & is there a ‘neutral trim’ button or some way of telling you much trim you have got on? (Puzzled that my SE seemed to be set to max full down)

Unless of course I’m barking up the wrong oak and the adjustable stabliser you can only set on the ground…?


Yep, adjustable trim for the Brisfits, Tripe and the Se5a, you have to set it up in the control section of the options screen…cant remember what they called it…stabiliser I think.

Cheers Puff. Some testing required I think.