That sucker EAF331_crash always messed things up…everywhere!

Seems he never could keep his act together! But by the help of our superb C/O this bummer is bin and gone.
An initiation was preformed that transformed him into EAF331_Alpha.

Halleluja!! :slight_smile:

Because this is WW2 and the current ICAO phonetic alphabet hasn’t been written yet, I’m going to call you Able instead. :slight_smile:

Good! I hope Crash is gone forever!:slight_smile:

Nice to meet you Alpha;)

But why?

Now that might be even more confusing then Crash! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to EAF :smiley:
Somehow you seem familiar!?!:wink:

Welcome back, Alpha! Remind us to update HL friends list :wink:

From the chrysalis he emerges !

Congratulations, Alpha

Look forward to seeing you online m8



Thanks all for your kindly answers!
“but why” you aksked Zhibbhi. There is an old religious bull-comment as I see it… “thou are not to question but to…” Forgot the rest of that crap comment. Anyhow, this world is packed with it, so why not just try to fall into this melting pot of ours:)

Finally the name which gives us bad luck disappeared! :smiley:

Hope too see you in the skies soon and good luck with your new name!:slight_smile: