Training, thursday, November the 3rd. Giovedì 3 Novembre e un paio di info

Ciao piloti, @51Squadron @Trainee @EAF_T_Rasuro @EAF_T_Freeman68 @41wing
Come al solito, ma lo ribadisco, al giovedì terreremo la serata dedicata al training, che non significa andarsene in giro a caso a far quel che si vuole!

Se avete problemi in volo, se ci sono problemi tecnici al pc, abbiamo una bella lista di TO disponibili tra me,
@EAF51_Havebug , @Joker, @EAF51_Ibanez e @Jimmi_EAF51.
@BANZAI_EAF51 non è un TO attivo al momento ma se avete dei dubbi chiedere anche a lui non vi farà male, na sa a pacchi.
Giovedì in particolare io non ci sarò come già detto (se son negativo avrò prove fino a tardì) ma di sicuro gli altri saranno disponibili tra il forum e i server.

Abbiamo un server nuovo di training (server B) su The Channel che viene arricchito e farcito di roba ogni settimana, lo avete provato??

Al lunedì invece terremo la serata in missione, 4ya o No.20, in maniera diversa entrambi sono validi ma soprattutto stiamo cercando di organizzarci per creare un altro giro di missioni come abbiamo fatto a gennaio!

Se avete domande o altro chiedetemi pure o mandatemi un PM, mi piacerebbe rivedere in volo 12 piloti alla volta!



*Hello pilots, @ 51Squadron @Trainee @EAF_T_Rasuro @ EAF_T_Freeman68 @ 41wing
As usual, but I repeat, ** on Thursday we will have the evening dedicated to training **, which does not mean wandering around randomly doing what you want!

If you have problems in flight, if there are technical problems with your pc, we have a nice list of TOs available among me,
@ EAF51_Havebug, @ EAF51_Joker, @ EAF51_Ibanez and @ Jimmi_EAF51.
@ BANZAI_EAF51 is not an active TO at the moment but if you have any doubts ask him too he won’t hurt you, he’s really skilled.
Thursday in particular I will not be there as already said (if I am negative about COVID I will have rehearsals with a band until late) but for sure the others will be available between the forum and the servers.

I know that Ibanez monday succesfully specialized on a particular training objective so we will hear about him soon!

We have a new training server (server B) on The Channel which is enriched and filled with stuff to do every week, have you tried it ??

On Monday instead we will hold the evening on mission, 4ya or No. 20, in a different way both are valid but above all we are trying to organize ourselves to create another round of missions as we did in January!

If you have any questions or anything else please ask me or send me a PM, I’d like to see 12 pilots in flight at a time again!!*

See ya! Cappe

Ps: @SIG_Webber will be in with other two pilots!!


Vedo come sto, al momento la sera mi sale parecchia febbre… vediamo se per giovedi almeno quella passa

I’ll be in this thursday!

We already had the opportunity to give it one more try yesterday, but training is never enough. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We can dedicate some time to it, I could prepare few schematics to help clarify how and what. More info will possibly follow! :wave:

Banzai in

a disposizione!


Hello folks!
I’ll be in tonight, but a little later than expected (a dinner I can’t avoid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
See you at 10pm more or less!

Meanwhile, for those who have access (trainees can’t see that section yet, if needed ask here of we’ll see tonight, but it’s about advanced training):

Thanks @Jimmi_EAF51 for retrieving this old thread!

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Good old times when I had enough spare time to be a decent TO… :heart:

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Seems I will be in, depends on my new born copilot :slight_smile:


Will be great to have you back airborne my friend!
Just let us know when the little trainee will be ready for his first HOTAS! :wink:

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I’ll be a little late but Shardana in!

buy the way, FOR MONDAY, the update seemes to have fixed the crashing issue, so yall are good to go on 4YA