Training flights

hello, I wanted to ask someone to run couple of training flights with me. I am available everyday evening except today.

I will be available tomorrow night if you want to run through a few things.

On the subject of training, you will soon be enrolled in the OTU and probably have Keets as your TO.
He will take you through the various stages of OTU and get you your EAF wings.

great, tomorrow I’m, 100% free, just pick the time…I want to fly fly fly :o

About 8:30 ish.

Possibly use the Syn server and do some pairs flying.

I will try to join you chaps. Be nice to mob a server.


Maybe I can join too, I really need some flying again. But I don’t promise anything anymore :anim_slap

Confirmed, time 20:30GMT, means 21:30 for me, will be on teamspeak waiting…by the way, it took me 20 minutes investigating on internet what means “ish”…now I know :roflmao:

by the way, aren’t you supposed to fly Cliffs of Dover tomorrow?

We would normally, but Keets is away and he hosts the missions.

LOL at …ish :slight_smile:

Well heck what a good reason to fly, Ill see yall tommorrow. :smiley:

We may have a new 92 applicant join us too.
Look out for Jeeves when we get online.

great flying tonight, feeling like a worm in the water, just waiting for some fish to eat me :slight_smile: theese Fokkers were realy hard…killed 2x, once landed damaged…not even a bullet fired on the enemy…well, it will take some time to learn how to look around…anyway, thank you guys

Good flying Jo, all the other stuff comes with time and a better Aircraft. :smiley:

Hey friends, how about some training flight today anytime just before 17:00GMT ??? Today I have no plans to do and night shift in the evening so let’s Fly! :holiday: