Training and fun! Monday 9th May

'sera pilotame! 51squadron

Domani sera come sempre per i trainee ci sarà da sbattersi un bel po’, e non è detto che non venga fatto su un server diverso da quello di training!

Per tutti gli altri, parola d’ordine, rilassatezza d’animo…che non vuol dire cervello spento! :joy:
Stavo pensando ad una idea semplice, ve la espongo domani, niente di super serio!

Trainee a rapporto domani sera alle 21!

@EAF_T_Chem @EAF_T_Rasuro @EAF_T_Freeman68

On duty, tomorrow evening!

Plenty to do and to die for your squadron! :joy:

Forceverybody else, got a couple of ideas for you guys for tomorrow evening! Will tell you tomorrow! Nothing super serious.

Ps: probably on thursday we will have guests that need your skills and knowledge on wwii stuff so, prepare your airplane, polish them and your best suit as well. :grin: Will talk about that tomorrow evening as well.


Shardana in, Anyone interested
in a flight with me? I’d like to improve my knowledge of the P47

Ci sono dopo coro! 2130 circa!

In, training is always fun :partying_face:

Joker IN

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Freeman IN


Well, that was a short flight for me and Joker on No.20. We had a 190 sneak up on me, but he didn’t get any hits on me, but at first I couldn’t see him. It was very strange, I saw 2 other Spits around me, but not the 190. It even looked like the two Spits was attacking each other. Finally I only saw Joker (in Spitfire) and a 190A-8. The 190 lagged a bit but I got hits on him, and so did Joker. But while getting the hits I climbed too hard and let myself get very slow, so my engine started to smoke, and gave up before I managed to get far in the direction of our home base, so I had to bail out. Jump was fine, and I landed safely somewhere in France.

The part of seing two Spitfires when there should have been one Spit and one 190 was very strange, I wish I had recorded the flight, but I didn’t…

After that I was getting close to bedtime, so I quit for the night. At least I managed to get 18 ground kills and a couple of ships while flying on my server before this. :rofl:


I thinks in the no.20 is too much lag for me… have the same problem… 190 and 109 that for 1 second i can see and pufff… disappear… and after 5 seconds i see it in another position… i was hit by a 190 that e can’t see… i see only the cannon… but not the body of the 190… i don’t have this problem whit the ground targhet… i follow a targhet and don’t see lag… i thinks that the problem is connection whit other player non in EU…

Completely agrer with snachess!

I agree that it is a fantastically built series of missions…but sometimes it is really not playable!

I dis mean this mission to be an easy and relaxed evening, it become a kill and lag nightmare :joy:

For me was a mess, everything lag, spike ping… A mess. Managed to down in a dogfight an Anton that act like a Klingon’s Bird of Prey with concealement activated but then I had to stop cause nausea. If the server will remain this (for power) and in the USA (for location) I will pass on.

:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: So I was not the only one with LAG. Though it was only me, so I went through all my programs to see if nothing was updating. good to know it wasn’t me haha