Track IR Alternative

Hi all,
Just ordered this to replace the hat and clip for my Track IR 3 Pro. They have said that it does not work with my Track IR then I should let them know and I will get a full refund. They have been assured that it does work with the 3 Pro (it definitely does with later models) so I’m giving it a go.

I’ll let you all know how I get on with it. The alternative, which I seriously considered, was the Delanclip. In the end I have gone for this due to it being wireless and it can be taken off the headphones (So I can still use them with OR)


wow the clip you bought is very expensive… I printed mine with my 3d printer when I used freetrack

If you don’t really need a true 6dof, I can suggest you to look at the and if you have some soldering skills you can just build it by yourself as I did, and is very cheap… with less than 10 € I did mine

I have the PS3 cam, it works well, but with a room with more light there are always problems…

I have to admit I have no soldering skills and no tools :frowning:
There are cheaper models but I liked the idea of it being wireless. I think the headphone wire is enough to have hanging from my head at the moment.
With my first flight in ages last night using Track IR I was struggling with how it kept moving even though I’m not and I’m hoping this will help with things…it might not though. I have been given the option of sending it back at no cost, so not too worried :slight_smile:

Morning all!
So, it has arrived. Only given it a quick test in DCS and CLoD but first impressions are excellent. Finally seem to have eradicated the constant movement that it was picking up (when i wasn’t moving) with the hat. It’s a bit odd seeing it out of the corner of my eye, but. I biggie. It’s light and doesn’t pull on the headphones, so no getting tangled either. Being wireless is a big plus point for me.

It’s working fine, straight out of the box with Track IR 3 Pro. Much cheaper than getting a new Track IR and much cheaper (and more solid) that Track IR’s headset - that has a reputation for breaking easily.

I’d recommend this, or the wired version which is a lot cheaper.

Ok, written a review:
TrackHat Clip Plus

Quite a find.

I am definitely going to get one.
Questions is, will it be before or after Chrismas :wink: