I’ve just found out about this here:

Looks like a great addition for sims, anybody tried it yet?

I’m considering giving it a try as it’s freeware and I’ve got a spare TFT available. Anyone have experience with touch screen overlays for TFT monitors?



Wow, nice find. This looks pretty interesting!

Looks good, had a look in the forum and found this link to show you a profile.

Nice one Meaks, thanks for the link.

On reflection though, I’m not sure I’d use this for IL2. It might remove some of the immersion by having a glass panel touchscreen in a WW2 airplane!

However, being able to replicate the MFD’s in some of the modern a/c will be a real enhancement. That is until I found out how expensive touch screen monitors are. :eek:



I’m thinking of getting this man!
I think it’s worth the extra doe for the touchscreen and besides, it seems that you can test it first with an ordinary monitor and a mouse.
That’s cool too, even with a mouse and a normal monitor it’s much faster than with buttons.

Great tip Whiskey:ani_beer: