Topsy Spitfire sim kit update Feb 2019

Its been a while since the last update so here is some news on recent modifications. The first is the addition of an adjustable max take-off stop for the throttle gate. Previously the stop was moulded with the gate. Now you can push the throttle to the prescribed 12 lbs/ and then slide the stop into position and tighten the nuts.

Secondly I have at long last added a chain guard to my prototype control column and it now really looks the part. This first example was made of thick framing card but production models will probably be made from stiff card or plastic sheet.
I have also started work on the Ki-Gas primer pump using reverse engineering from an original unit I acquired. My 3D printed copy still needs some adjustments and refinements such as the addition of a screw thread and the lettering on the screw head.

I would like to have time to continue building my Spitfire replica cockpit section which I plan to hire out at airshows, museums and events, but I have to give priority to those passionate virtual Spitfire pilots who have ordered sim kits from me.


Brilliant! Great work indeed!
We’ll need to organize an event here in Italy! When you are ready!

Thanks Jimmi would be delighted to show the kit in Italy. This summer (mid July) I will be participating in a 470 dinghy sailing championship in Gravedone, Como Lake. I could stay a few days more in Italy if some EAF interested.

Mid july is pretty hot! We don’t have much planned!
Probably we’ll make a meeting may or june!

It could be nice to show the pit at some airshows!

@EAF51_Cappe any idea?