Top Gun - Maverick

Yesterday evening I went to see the new Top Gun movie.
I loved the first Top Gun movie when I saw it in 1987 (yes, I know it was released in 1986, but it didn’t arrive at the cinema in Vilhelmina until 1997). Since then I have seen it a lot of times, and I still enjoy the flying scenes (even though some of it is very unrealistic, but Tomcats), but the rest of the movie is pretty cheezy and kind of blah.

So, now 25 years later we finally get to see the sequel, and I like it. I might even like it better than the first one. The Hornet isn’t as sexy as the Tomcat (but we get to see a Tomcat in the movie!), but the flying scenes is excellent, and not too much is too unrealistic. SAM’s does seem to be impossible to show realistically on the screen, but this wasn’t the worst movie SAM I have seen.
As to the rest of the movie there’s plenty of references to the first movie, and I thought they did a pretty good job tying the two together. It’s still cheezy in parts, but not too bad.

So in conclusion, if you like the original Top Gun back in the day, and don’t hate it now, Top Gun Maverick is worth seeing.


@EAF51_Joker has a different opinion, and i can see he’s already typing… :sweat_smile:
Get ready for a broadside, @Mikke !:grimacing:

I swear, when I see the SA-5 launch of four simultaneous missiles at about 500 yds from the nearest F-18 and they evade it…my feet start moving compulsively trying to push me out of the movie theater.

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AH AH AH AH, now I can speak freely…this movie for me , great fan of the first one, was totally disappointing…It’s like the first one (even same scene at some point) but with Maverick that instead to get aged was covered by rimmel, botox and others make up like the worst of drag queen.
Also the movie is plenty of real bullshit (" The F-35 can’t do the job because there’s no GPS there"…seriuosly??? ) but I’m stop here…I didn’t want to talk too much of this B movie that make me rewatch (two hours after) the first one :sunglasses:

Considering the amounts of problems the F-35 have had, that might actually have been true when the movie was made. :rofl:
If we keep piling on the SAM part, flares to spoof radar guided missiles? :upside_down_face:

But for the rest of you, don’t let Joker scare you from going to see it. :wink:

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I will not scare anymore cause even if I have tons of things to brought as unbeliveable errors/bullshit I know that there are still people here that didn’t see the movie, so in an excess of benevolence for them I will avoid further spam :sunglasses:

Fun fact: GPS denial/scrambling is real and when the movie was shot, in 2018, the F-35 only ground attack weapon was JDAM (it got cleared to carry LGBs only in late 2018/2019)…
So, as odd as it can seem, back then the story that “the F-35 can’t do the job” was one of the most realistic aspects of the movie. :grimacing:

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The air to air shots (I mean the filming, not the actual missile launches😉) are incredible and on their own are well worth the price of the admission ticket👍


A general jet like F/A-18 has a radar cross section of about 1m2 at optimal conditions but normally this value is between 400/1000 times higher bringing it to - 10 dBsm.
A general stealth fighter like F-35 goes from -30 to -40 dBsm so going to a valley full of SAM with jets 30 to 40 times with more radar signature is a joke at best. LGB was cleared to front line squadron as You stated in late 2018 but for test squadron and special operations it was released two years before so… even the most realistic things of Maverick was simply a bullshit to justify the use of Super Hornet instead of other aircraft too classified to make them appear in a movie :sunglasses:

Effectively they are great…but even in them there are tons of errors…
Do You see the “Robocop Hind” with the twins barrell turrett in the end?

Agreed, that twin gun Hind had no explanation… All the rest I can justify, as in the end it’s s Hollywood movie and needs to be spectacular, but I really don’t get the need to add a fake second gun to an already very menacing Hind…:thinking:

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i will not say anything just not to spam to people is going to see it in the close future. But i just want to say that if you see the film like the reality this is not a movie but a documentary. Many really good films are not real for “technicians”, even big titles. But imho this is worthless.

Top Gun Maverick for me was really good, one of the best movie of the last 2/3 years. Lot of action and surprises. Superior than its predecessor. It’s a movie for all (normal people, nerd and so on…), apart from my friend Joker, i know many different people that really liked it. A friend of mine was thinking the same apart from the fact he doesn’t know and like anything about planes, but at the same time he liked the story, the rythm and action. My wife liked it too, and for a war film is not so simple! :rofl:

But like everything you can like it or not… i’ll definetely watch this film many times! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I completely and totally agree with Storm!!

Even if some aerial scenes were “obviously” touched by cgi, generally speaking they are really great!
Even most of the CGI scenes are quite realistic, little question…the F14 scenes, apart for the internal cockpit part which could be filmed with a museum plane, do you think they could have used a DCS plane for that?

ps: i loved the part in which he select the manual wing sweep control, that is a nice touch of realism.

Anyway @EAF51_Storm, it can’t be better than the first movie, for one reason, because Tomcat! :joy: :joy:

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