Top Gear Sunday

ML407 will be on top gear this coming Sunday with 2 other 2 seat spitfires.

Don’t miss it! Should be entertaining!

Sounds interesting, what channel do they show Top Gear on nowdays?
Probably not BBC Prime or World which is the only BBC channels I get here…

BBC2 Mikke, but see if IPlayer will work for you?

Nothing to do with iPod

Heads up, there’s a service (Kontiki/KService) that iPlayer adds. I usually stop this when I catch it running!

iPLayer checks your IP# to see if you’re in the UK or not. It’s no-go for us non-brits. :frowning:

Try searching on Buttermouth any time next week. You can get most TV on it and from any region.

Think I’ll just wait a bit, somehow Top Gear does tend to show up on my HD from time to time. :smiley:

I hope the Germans viewers had a sense of humour!

Here’s the clip of the the three spits:

If anybody wants to see the whole British v German challenge, let me know and I’ll rip it as well.

The footage of the Spitfires was all too brief eh :frowning:

Ah well, good to see ML flying about :slight_smile:

I DO know what was missing:

“Maggico” Majik in his Alfa, with a Macchi overhead! :smiley:


Great clip… and what a lucky bunch of bastages!!
I’d give my right bollock to be where they were sitting… Makes flying my crappy Cessna seem like childs play! :wink:

LoL MonsTTer :slight_smile:
I didn’t realise there was more than one dual seat spit flying, or was it just editing ?

There are 4 flying (nearly, one undergoing repairs at the moment) in the UK I think.

Another one making good progress based on Classic’s last video :slight_smile:

Yep we are nearly there with ours so there will be another one in the skies fairly soon