Top flying on Monday night - 1st kill

Hello all (motioning barmaid for my usual virtual beer)

Just a quick note to say thanks to Mikke for hosting a top flying session on Monday - the “Find the V-1 sites” on the Normandy map.

Great fun - I got my first online kill with 602 Sqn - a FW190 (flown by Phantom flying blue - Sorry mate!!) with a Spitfire IX after a brief chase over the coast. (although he did then go on to shoot me down twice subsquently…)

I reckon I could have got a couple more except for hesitating on finding a Me109 with its wheels down at 6,000ft and thinking “is he surrending/RTB’ing? - What’s the rules of engagement here?”…

In the future - I’ll just shoot the bugger!

Second ‘almost’ kill was chasing a pesky FW190 west of the red base - ended up in flat scissors close to the deck. However, I’d ran out of cannon ammo by then, and was unable to to score any telling hits. I then ran out completley - so I pulled up in a 180 to get away and back to base - unfortunately about 20 secs later ‘thunk, thunk, thunk’ and I’m dead - shot down by Phantom:rolleyes:

(Don’t know if it was you I was in the scissors with or whether you were chasing me chasing your wingie…)

Eventually I took another Spit aloft and finding no bandits, ended up listening to the red strike going ahead on the V-1 site headed by Joe90 in a A-20 - very educational…

All in all - though it wasn’t a formal 1on1 training session for me I found it extremely useful (as well as being bloody good fun). I’m now begining to pick out e/a based on shape and colour.

Thanks also to Techy for putting up with me as his wingie intially and also for Techy and Painter who showed me the pivoting on the runway trick by holding your brakes down to turn the aircraft on the spot - never knew that!

Great stuff!

I’m kind of found of that map, as soon as the ships is eliminated that is. :smiley:

Just a quick note to the two blue that came in for landing while I was over the base, if your AAA is shooting, there is probably an enemy around, and landing while it’s still there might not be a good idea. :wink:
I think it was Arthuro who was lucky that the flak had destroyed my rudder controls when I came in from a low headon, Phantom wasn’t as lucky when I shot him as he landed. (Standard settings in my trainings is that we fly as if it’s full war, everyone is a target while he’s in the plane…)

And Stone and Mram showed that the 109G-2 is still one of the very best planes, even though Stone repeatedly used his to kamikaze us unfortunates that flew headon with him. :roflmao:

Was a good session on Monday, yep. Congrats on that first online kill, Flash, it is a good feeling! But next time, try and shoot one of the 92 boys (don’t worry what side they’re on :stuck_out_tongue: )

Normally, Mikke’s DF server is a good warm up. On Monday we seemed to be having too much fun to stop!

One point on the V1 ramps, Mikke - they respawn too quick, IMO. We only just finished destroying half the camp, then when our second wave went out to finish the job, the ramps were back!

I’m now begining to pick out e/a based on shape and colour.

Shame the bugger in the Tempest the other night didnt. As always i was in a Hurri, (i have a fetish for them) next thing i know i was fully defensive with the git:) . Ended up having a cannon round to the face (pilot kill).
On a different subject 19 did a couple of EIF’s on monday. The first was us in a PE2 with me as a gunner as the only spaces left where yak1’s and since i can’t navigate out of an igloo i left them to AI. Anyway having all that time till we reached the enemy lines we (we as in mostly myself) proceded to take the micky out of MetalG and his medals and skill. After we droped our bomb load my pilot made his best efforts to get 4 109’s of his tail until one got our engine (whos idea was it not to fix extinguishers:mad:). After that mission i left only to find in the morning that MetalG had shot down 2 19 guys and Arturo:o . Moral to the story, Ace keep your mouth shut:D

(Standard settings in my trainings is that we fly as if it’s full war, everyone is a target while he’s in the plane…)

Well said boss, none of this no vulching cr@p that most survers enforce. At the end of the day there is a war to fight and if you dont get him he’ll get you tomorrow.

Roger, will check that if I remember to. :slight_smile: But they should stay dead at least as long as it takes to fly there and back twice as far as I can remember, not that I see any reason to have them respawn during a normal game.

There’s a variable for respawn time wait I’ll look it up-

Features not described in the previous documents

  1. To freeze daytime changes in the game, add TIMECONSTANT 1 into section [MAIN] of the mission file.

  2. Static objects respawn times for the dogfight missions are set up in the section [RespawnTime] of the mission file.

Allowed object categories are: Bigship - bigger ships, Ship - lesser ships, Aeroanchored - air balloons, Artillery - artillery guns, Searchlight - searchlights. The time is measured in seconds. Minimal allowed delay is 20 second, maximal is 1000000, 1800 second is the default value. Ex.:

Bigship 1800
Ship 1800
Aeroanchored 1800
Artillery 1800
Searchlight 1800

No Artillery but maybe the list is longer now-

Yes apparently so

Axis Convoy
Description: FBDaemon Axis Convoy mission

This FBD mission can be used in either a scripted server or as a regular dogfight.

The Axis’last convoy to Germany is leaving port and headed for the English Channel.Axis aircraft from two bases have to protect the convoy and fly a counter strike and destroy all Allied shipping along the coast and all truck convoys near Pegasus bridge to win.The Allies have to find and destroy all Axis shipping to win.Either side can shoot down all enemy aircraft to win.

Allies have 30 planes/30 pilots,5 ships,12 cars.Axis have the same number of planes and pilots and 9 ships.

The mission is 90 minutes long and it is written to reload itself. If you edit the mission in FMB, you will lose all respawn time info. [b]You will have to add the following if you edit…

[RespawnTime] Artillery 1000000 StationaryObjects 1000000 [/b]Ship 1000000

…otherwise,your targets will respawn according to default programming.

Portions of the the scenery at Caen is from the Joint Operations Flight School for IL2FB.

Install in your FBD dogfight folder.


Yeah, i remember that well :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’m not sure about this as well (forgot to ask after the incident occurred). I either gun him down mercilessly, shoot at his flanks to let him know i could have got him, or do a low flypast flicking the bird (Note to self: ask Painter to sort out an appropriate pilot skin for that).

I think that as its just a muck around, its up to you what you do. The reason i believe this to be the case is because i was chutekilled!

Yep that was me, i’m getting quite good at getting people off my tail now. How i do it however will go with me to my virtual grave (next EIF mission). I smiled SLIGHTLY when i got you:D :banana:

Yes i really enjoyed Monday night, Love the dogfights we all have. Loved flying my old 109’s and discovered why my scores are always in double figures (you have to land to get the credits).

Mikke made me laugh a few times when he lurked around our base and shot at me while on my finals. While i FK’d and SH’d and battered the throttle, flaps and gear when a strange engine noise appeared behind me, only to smash into the ground with a hundred holes in my crate!

Well said, i hate not being able to vulch. If you don’t want vulchers, place lots of AAA and leave us to it!

Anyway its funny when you do your engine, landing lights, flaps, get map right, radiator, mixture, taxi to runway, final checks and then get a bomb or rocket in the face!:roflmao:

Yep that was me, i’m getting quite good at getting people off my tail now

Nice one! I suppose you guessed I was almost out of ammo wing you heard the dainty pitter-patter of .50 gently bounce off your Fw190’s cowling a couple of times…

Meanwhile I thought - If I just pull up NOW I’ll be bcak to base before he knows I’m missing…:wink:

Its taken 5 months:o but i also receieved my first kill last night. After being fully defensive for 10mins the help of 3 19sqn guys steped in to get him off my back and a few minutes later and a bit more help i got the kill:banana:

Drinks to my sqn leader his wingman and my wingman for helping (eventually):o

Nice one Aceman! (buying you virtual drink from my virtual tab at the virtual bar) - what were you flying?

Satisfication quotient is off the scale when you finally achieve it online - with no icons, full cockpit etc etc. Its a whole different ball game than playing with the AI.

I know what u mean, and since i am a bomber/ground attack pilot it makes it evan better. It was yak9 v 109E7 :fencing:. No laughing you glory boyz, i know it should of taken less than 10mins:embarasse