Top coop fun Baz and Snafu...!

Cheers gents for those entertaining coop Battle of Britain coops missions on Monday - superb fun and highly challenging(!).

Battle climb to altitude, seeing other flights crisscrossing above and below you, looking for contacts - then a fight all the way from 20,000ft to sea level around Hellfire Corner. Magic!

Claiming a 109 and a 110 destroyed in the last punch-up !

Snafu - are these missions anywhere on the FTP to d/l for single player?

Yeah, great flying with you and Snafs yesterday Flash’.That’s the fourth or fifth time I’ve flown some of those and they never get old.

I’m pretty sure Snafu has added the latest versions to the FTP.

If not, I’ve added them to the Downloads section of my site (Snafus Missions). (Follow the link in my signature).

I normally just create an offline multiplayer coop and fly them that way if i’m alone.


Cheers Baz - I’ll get them d/l’d for a bit of offlline fun. Love to try the last two in the pack online with others too…!

Thanks Flashheart, glad u liked them :slight_smile:

Just for the record, I re- worked some co-op campaigns and tested them and stored them here:

By the way, I was wondering who manages the FTP, as I need some files removed forom the main Snafu directory. Who do I turn to?