Tomorrow I won’t be online until after the footy. For some bizarre reason Sky has elected to show the foxes on a Thursday instead of when they usually show lower tier matches on a Friday.

I know this means at least a 9:45 start probably later, so I’m suggesting skipping this week??

Well Ill be on, Hell or High Water! :smiley: Keets, If you would like to take a break I could always hop into ATAG with anyone else who would like to join.

I’ll prep a mission, just be aware it might be slightly later.

Going forward, I’m going to bring the start time forward 30 mins to 9pm.

If you bring it forward to 9 pm you will miss the last 30 mins of the 2nd half (7.45 KO)

Happy to miss if you want to watch the footy, got some work to do on the Luftwaffe tunic and medals.


Bringing it forward would be next week onwards. :slight_smile:

Lets give it a miss then. Makes it easier.

Ahh I see Grasshopper :laugh:


Good timing. Had a long day and an early start tomorrow so no flying tonight means an early night.

Enjoy the footy.