today, 30.1.2014

I’m on TS from the morning because there is s…ty weather out there…Anyone join to fly RoF!!!

Thanks Jo for the 1 v 1 instruction…You are a very difficult opponent. But you taught me how to fight in the Camel vs DR 1. Now I know to use more vertical maneuvers combined with a left turn. Now I think I know what to do when fighting the DR1. But I need some more practise.

See you soon and thanks for putting up with our frustration, lol.


Thank you guys for good fun. Apollo, be sure there will be more practice after I’ll come back next week.

Special thanks goes to Stuntman and Baz who took gunner posts in my giant Handley Page and flew 45minutes long mission to bomb enemy plane factory with stunning success and shooting down enemy recon baloon on the way home. During the flight Baz took part in boosting morale by playing gramophone records, we all appreciated it :slight_smile: only drawback was little argue after landing, ending up in gunfight killing and wounding most of the crew. Anyway it was fun :smiley: can’t wait to repeat it!!