To all who use X52

Hello all.

I have just bought the marvelous x52. it is absolutely fantastic!:slight_smile:

I hope that anyone of you can please share their userfiles or profiles or any other files which may help the use of the x52 with me. You can call me lazy, but I know that some of you have more experience with the x52, and therefore I hope I can get that experience as well for my stick;)

Every help will be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance

You can call me lazy

Ok Lazy :wink:

Nepe or Classic are the guys to ask.

Thx, Keets, should I post in that post you gave me or maybe send them a PM?

I’ve already got a post like that here but I can off course post there as well.

I still need help so please post here or in the other post if you can help me.

Hi Stuntman

Sorry, I was on holidays. I will send you my profile, but do you have the 52 or the 52 Pro?

I got the x52 PRO:)

Hope you have the same:D

Thanks for you help, Nepe! I appreciate that!:smiley:

I am afraid not, some day not so far away I hope :slight_smile:

I will send you my profile anyway, tell me if it works.

Thx, Nepe!

I got the files, but I dont know where I should put them…:o

Should I put all the files in the software folder? please tell me so I can check if it works or not.

Right now I have placed the .dat, the .pr0 and the NepeEAF51.vcrd in the software folder but I dont know what to do next, so it would be nice if you could tell me where to put them and what to do afterwads;)