TM warthog and Il2 BoX, some commands do not work

Tried with and without TARGET

Some commands, like for example water rad, do not work from the throttle buttons, though they do work from keyboard (this is really a problem when I use VR)

I`ve found a couple posts online, but neither helped me.

Any ideas?


PS. the more I use IL2 the more I realise how good DCS is.

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I came across a kinda problem like this once… it wasn’t the Warthog but another controller that used a similar keybinding program (ie Target).
The issue was the different country settings in the keyboard.

I solved this configuring the keyboard as US and it worked fine…

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Cross purposes/Duplicate bindings in Box takes a lot of time to diagnose problem.

Emulating an action on a HOTAS through a software keyboard (Thrustmaster target) is bad But the lazy cheap folks at Thrustmaster have not wanted to use the money to make all the buttons in to direct x.
but it has been done as a hack

I got some keysettings set in voice attack.
Gear up/Down, supercharger, water cooler open/close, oil cooler open ckose etc. Works well when in VR, just need to remember the words. And don’t say engine off or bail out during flight :smiley:

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Are you using Target GUI or Targets script editor?

Voice activation for oil and water does open how much your radiator? I mean, fully open with one command or is it gradual?

I would like to link to this Hack which I would have used myself, if my Joystick haden’t been worn out.

The hack/mod solves one of the biggest problems, I see, with the Warthog ; There are more buttons and switches than available DirectX buttons.
To solve this the TM Target software emultate a keyboard (use a virtual keyboard).
This creates a problem of its own; Different keybords for different langueges.

The Hack/Mod solve this by taking advanges of upgrades in Windows to allow more virtual buttons. The hack/mod increase the amount of available DirectX buttons from 32 to 120.

The reason why this important is that any programming goes through several layers of programs (The game, Steam, Windows and the joystick driver), which increase the probability of an action is not working especially after a upgrade to Windows.
DirectX buttons seems to much more direct and when ever I had a critical aircraft function/action the button was programmed to a DirectX button/axis

Link to the Authors post at DCS:

Download Link:

You can program VA to press a key once, or keep it pressed for seconds or keep it pressed until you say stop, so saying " Open oil" presses the Oil rad once for 0.5 sec, then just say “open oil” 3 or ,ore times until open as far as you want. or count the amount of secondes to open 25% and program VA to press key for that many seconds. :slight_smile:

Many thanks chaps!

OldBoy, I forgot I have VA! I need to invest some time on it to use it properly

Starfire (hi :)) I tried both, with and without TARGET GUI

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Please send them to me if you still have my e-mail, Nepe :slight_smile:

PS. the more I use IL2 the more I realise how good DCS is.

There are stuff DCS does better, like the controls are great. But the dedication to WIII and the amount of WWII stuff makes this sim better to me LOL.
I miss your voice Nepe :smiling_face_with_tear:
Are you allright? How is life treating your?
Sorry for the emotons but it is late a I am getting overwhelmed by old days.

Be regards,

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